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Hey, I’m Amelie

Your Breathwork Guide

Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

Show how the traditional methods didn't work and you were super frustrated.

Then, you had an ah-ha moment that brought you the result, benefit, solution you were looking for.

Breathwork is like a full body massage without being touched or acupuncture without needles. It's like the moment after it rains when everything smells so clean and clear.

Breathwork allows you to access and process your emotions without having to name them.


Before Breathwork, entered my life I struggled with many things and never seemed to quite find the answer.

I was a successful events producer, traveled the world working with celebrities, and to-die-for projects.

By everyone's standards, I had a dreamy situation, except I didn't.

There was a much greater struggle happening that I was trying my best to hide from the world around me in order to keep up that veneer of perfection.

Because surely someone as successful as me couldn't possibly be struggling with the mind, body and so much more.

Which is why I am sharing this work with you!

Breathwork Saved Me From Myself

In a world that is constantly telling you that you are not enough, hearing your own feelings and desires becomes near to impossible.

From social media to the ads, everything echos how you are not thin enough, smart enough, working hard enough, rich enough, and so much more. You lose track of what you want as you suddenly find yourself in the middle of following someone else's vision for your future.

How do you stop all of these outside distractions from diluting YOUR wants and dreams?

Through Breathwork.

Breathwork is simple yet so very magical. So many years later I still struggle to put into words because each experience is just so vastly different to the last.

The body claims what it needs and releases what it doesn't and all that with just the breath.

After a lifetime of ups and downs, bouts of depression, heartbreak and feeling unsupported. Not accepted by those around you and like you kind of just want to blow of up your life and start fresh again. This may be a way for you to release all of those emotions (known or unknown) to embrace a life filled with joy, ease and feeling free in who you are.

How We Can Work Together



Unlock the power of your breath. Join me for live events that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Experience the benefits of breathwork & mindfulness, & find peace in every moment.



Elevate your breathwork while learning at your own pace and dive deeper into breathwork with comprehensive journeys & guides. Experience deep relaxation and inner peace anytime, anywhere.



Breathe your way to a more grounded and happier YOU with this six-week live course. Unlock the power of your breath with Amelie while learning to trust your intuitive, unwind and find a new kind of inner peace.

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Breathe in, breathe out, and get ready to rock your world! This is the ultimate guide for all you beginner breathers out there. With expert-led instruction you'll be able to chill out, focus better, and find inner peace like a pro.

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